Kids Learn Football

Kids Learn Football was created to help children better understand the rules of Football so they can better enjoy both watching and playing Football.

The game uses straightforward questions of varying difficulty to let your child climb through the ranks from College to MVP by answering quiz-style questions. After each question we provide some helpful information about the rules and strategy behind Football to help your child better master the game.

While learning about Football your child will also be practicing their reading, expanding their vocabulary and practicing some basic math skills without even knowing it! We believe as children better understand the game they will enjoy watching and playing it even more.

The app is suitable for any child who can read or a parent and child can play together both helping the child learn Football while also improving their reading.

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Basic Instructions:

The game has 3 basic game modes:

Quiz Mode – The primary game mode to help you learn the rules.  Once you complete Quiz Mode you will unlock the other modes to continue to reinforce what you have learned.

Accuracy Mode – See how many questions you can get correct before missing a question.

Speed Challenge – See how many questions you can get correct in 30 seconds!

Quiz Mode Details:

You answer each question which gets you closer to the next level.  After each question you will be given some information to help you learn more about Football.  Each incorrect answer costs you a down, after 4 downs you need to get a first down.  You can get a first down by using 10 coins or waiting 24 hours for a free reset.  You start the game with 30 coins and get 5 additional coins after you complete a level.  If you run out of coins you can purchase additional coins from the app (kids, please get your parents permission).

Game Features:
6 Levels of Questions
Over 100 unique football questions design to help them better learn the game
3 Game Modes
No Ads!
Free Lives every 24 hours

Question Categories:
Basic Game Rules
Football Terms

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